Instagram Followers No Survey

With our reward system you can gain instagram followers and likes without the need to do surveys and downloads. You keep doing tasks and keep gaining bonuses into your account to continue your journey along Instagram trails.
Instructions are located just below the table.

Leave honest feedback

Pick a site to leave your feedback

Title Bonus*
SiteJabber $1
TrustedSite $2
WebMasterSun $1
G2Crowd $4
Vkontakte $1
Facebook $1
Mashbout $1
Capterra $2
DigitalPoint $2
You may create only one feedback comment for one site.

Record a video review

Tell the world about your experience with NoWorriesBot, how do you promote your accounts, what results you got etc. Minumum 1 min.

Title Bonus*
YouTube $5

Create a case article

Publish your successful case about your accounts promotion

Title Bonus*
Blog $2
Vkontakte $2
Facebook $4
WebMasterSun $4

Write a review

Create a review at one of the forums

Title Bonus*
WebMasterSun $4
Mashbout $2
DigitalPoint $3

Share success

Send us two screenshots - before and after promotion

Title Bonus*
Facebook $2
Vkontakte $1
WebMasterSun $2

Share your expertise

Create and send us a complete article related to SMM or Internet Marketing and will publish it in our blog.

Title Bonus*
NoWorriesBot Blog $5
Send your articles to
* - all bonuses are added to your account. Please read below for more information.


You select any task out of the given lists and navigate to the link provided.


If the site needs registration, then you have to register preferrably using your real name and email.


You do whatever the task requires. Feedback should be at least 50 characters long, review should be at least 50 words long.


Depending on the site it may take up to several days for your post to go online. Afterwards please contact us via chat or email with the following: username, email and the url of your post.


You will get a bonus to your NoWorriesBot balance within a few hours.


IMPORTANT! Please avoid spam if you want to perform a task several times. We require honest feedback and reviews, you actual experience.