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NoWorriesBot is the most advanced service for Instagram management and promotion. Our service provides a wide range of features for automated promotion and marketing campaigns using Instagram Direct. This page provides a full list of features available for both mass following and bulk dm, including gender filter, geotargeting, post age filter, max followers and max following filter, messaging to all followers, to all new followers, to anyone within a list etc.

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Instagram Bot

NoWorriesBot provides a wide range of activities for Instagram accounts management and promotion. Mass following, liking and commenting powered by filters for precise targeting. Multiple targers, limits and personalized comments make promotion an easy and pleasant journey.

What Bot Can Do

Auto Follow

Our system will fetch users in accordance with your Promotion Type and Filter criteria auto follow these accounts. The users will get notified that you followed them and will follow you back.

Auto Like

Similar to Auto Follow the system will like recent photos of the targeted accounts. This type of promotion is less efficient, but you can safely do more likes than follows and comments.

Auto Comment

With NoWorriesBot you don't need to exhaust your brains thinking of another dozen of unique comments. We provide a way to create Templates For Comments, so that a system will generate unique comments without any additional efforts from your side.

Auto Unfollow

NoWorriesBot has a whole bunch of Unfollow Settings making it easy for you to develop your own unfollow pattern and tailor it for your needs.

Types Of Promotion

Hashtag Owner

The system will stalk those who post photos with such hashtag and perform activities of such accounts. For instance, you sell a photography course. In this case you will want to find people who post to one of the popular groups like @earthpix or similar.

Hashtag Lover

The system will find accounts who like like or comment photos posted with such hashtag. This is useful for finding people interested in your niche.

Geo Location

Type a location and the system will provide a list of nearby places. You can specify multiple locations within one promo. NoWorriesBot will target accounts who have one of the locations selected. This is useful for the local businesses.

Competitor's Followers

Select a popular account in your niche and NoWorriesBot will work with their followers. This article explains how to find targets.

Settings & Filters

Gender Filter

Yes, we have it! Available options for the instagram bot are: male, female, unspecified. If selected, the service will only work with such accounts.

Media Age

This setting is for selecting posts age for likes and comments. The service will like or comment photos not older than selected value.

Max Followers

NoWorriesBot will interact only with those accounts who have less followers than the specified amount. This is useful to avoid large accounts, because it's likely they will notice your actions on their photos.

Max Following

NoWorriesBot will interact only with those accounts who have less following than the specified amount. This is useful for filtering out shops and bots.

Set Daily Limits

You can set daily limits for like, follow, comment, unfollow. Although we pre-set with defaults and it's usually not required to change them.

Set Hourly Limits

You can set hourly limits for like, follow, comment, unfollow. Same thing - we have defaults, normally you would just use those.

Skip Private Accounts

Private accounts are usually less likely to react and can disallow you to follow them, so why waste time on them.

Skip 10% Accounts

This setting is used to simulate real user activity. Skip random 10% of accounts when doing activities.

Skip Used Accounts

With this setting you will not follow, like or comment the same users twice. You will do any activity only once and than just wait for reaction of target user.

Night Pause

This setting pauses your account promotion for 3-4 hours after midnight. This also helps to simulate how real people normally behave.

Instagram Automatic Posting

Post Photos

With NoWorriesBot you are able to post photos online directly from your browser. You can also include description and hashtags. No confirmation is required, we post automatically.

Instagram Automatic Posting

We provide an ability to schedule an unlimited number of photos ahead of time. Just select a photo, set when to publish and forget.

Post Statistics

Every photo you have previously posted is visible in the dashboard with the number of likes and comments.

Delete Photos

You can delete any photo anytime directly from the dashboard.

Misc Functions

Comments Generator

Just a bunch of pre-written comments is too old school. We provide a way to create templates for comments, so that the service will generate unique comments every time. Read here.

Use Active Accounts

There is an option to work only with the accounts who actively like or comment target account specified as a donor.

Edit Profile

You can edit bio, username, full name, url and gender of your account directly from the dashboard.

Actions Control

For each promo created you can control which actions you want to perform. For one promo you may want to do only likes, for another promo likes + comments and for the third only only follows. Of course, you can still do all actions on every promo.

Unfollow Settings

Unfollow Schedule

There is an ability to set time span when the service will unfollow people. This does not prevent unfollow action if the limit is reached.

Unfollow Threshold

The system will automatically start unfollowing random accounts when this number of following is reached by your account.

Min Follow Days

The system will not unfollow accounts, which you followed less than the specified number of days ago.

Keep Personal

NoWorriesBot will not unfollow any accounts that you followed before starting promotion with us.

Unfollow Amount

The number of unfollows system performs when the threshold is reached.


Built-in Safety

We provide separate servers for the accounts. This is much safer than proxies, because server naturally has it's IP and location and cannot be broken like proxy.

Mobile Friendly

Our web application is optimized for mobile and can be used on any device, anywhere.

Unlimited Accounts

You can promote any number of accounts within our system. Once you top up account balance, you split it up between the accounts. For instance, one account can have promo+posting, another one - direct and the third one - both.

Unlimited Promos

The number of promos you can add is unlimited. They work one by one, not all at once. So the more you add, the better chanced of finding those, which work best for you.

Instagram Direct

Features available at the Direct module provide with the ability to create promo campaigns and to send bulk DMs to all your followers, to all new followers or to anyone from your list of accounts.

Message Types

Messages To Followers

Easy to guess, you will be sending messages to all your followers. You can apply some filters for better targeting. Our users like Gender filter very much.

Messages To New Followers

Every new follower gets a message. This can be a welcome message or invitation to do something. Since you can include one of your photos, it might be a good idea to increase engagement for it.

Messages To Anyone

There are services out there in a wild which could scrape large accounts and get all their followers using filters etc. So if you have a list of followers you want to address, there is an option for you - paste it into the box and see how we send dms to all of them, one by one.


Gender Filter

One of the filters our customers like the most. It allows you to send messages tailored for a gender specifically. Like, why would sell a dress to some dude or why would you sell an xbox to a girl? Although, who knows...

Max Followers

This filter allows you to rule out large accounts. This is less important than for promotion, but you may still want to use it.

Max Following

This setting is still very important, because you wouldn't want to spend your time and resources at some bots.

Min Posts

There are lots of fake, dead accounts out there. Some services create them just for the sake of selling followers. So these accounts will never like, comment, follow, let's ignore them!

Last Post Age

Some people abandon their accounts and never return. So if their last post was like 3 months ago, there is a very tiny chance your message will reach a fertile ground. Of course, there are some people who just read instagram feed without posting anything, but the percentage is tiny. Anyway, it's always up to you to decide whether or not you want to set this filter.

Additional Functions

Attach Image

You can attach one of your recent posts to the message. This will increase engagement as reader will be able to like it right away inside of dm.

Include Emojis

This adds a bit of personal touch and looks more realistic. Include a few emojis. You can also "spin" them like for any other word.

@Username Support

If you include a @username variable (starts with @), then upon sending it will be replaced with the recipient username. Adds even more personal touch.

Message Tracking

We keep track of what we send. You will be able to browse all the messages that the system sent out.

Message Templates

Same as with comments, you are able to create Templates, which will produce unique messages. The messages here should be really good with lots of variables if you are planning a massive campaign.

Instagram Web

Features tailored specifically to do everything you usually do. You will be able to track, answer, delete comments. View, read, answer dm. And so much more! Stay tuned.


Comment Tracker

You don't need to login to your app to answer all those nice comments you get daily (if you promote with us). You are able to answer the comments right from the dashboard. This feature is free for now with other modules, while it's in beta.

Learn more

Messages To New Followers

View, read and answer all direct messages that you get in Instagram. Just how cool is that? A full scale messenger right in your browser on any device. Stay tuned.

Read dm online coming soon